Michael Bradley struck a wonder goal against Mexico at the Estadio Azteca to keep the US men’s national team (USMNT) in the running to qualify for the 2018 world cup hosted by Russia. The United States’ captain intercepted a pass, surged downfield and executed a magical chip to catch the goalkeeper off his line. The final result was a credible 1-1 draw.

The goal showcased what a modern midfielder needs in their arsenal to be successful. It is a fantastic example of how we should be encouraging our kids to play.
Here are some attributes to highlight to our young players:
  • A midfielder can force a play. Bradley used his hard running style and his commitment to pressure the opposition into creating an opportunity. Our kids don’t have to wait for a pass from a team mate to be creative, they can manufacture an offensive play by stealing the ball.
  • All players must play with their head up. While sprinting downfield Bradley was calculating his options, this can only be done if a player is looking up and not at their feet as they dribble.
  • All players must practice their technique. Bradley has been honing his skills since he was a child, this was not the first time he tried a chip. If kids have a wall and a ball they can practice chipping, passing or shooting by themselves. They can experiment with how the ball reacts to different contact points on the foot.
The US has four games left in World Cup qualifying. They must win all four to insure they stay in the automatic qualifying positions. Their next competitive game is on September 1st against Costa Rica.
You can see Captain America’s wonder goal here :