The Women’s World Cup is well under way and our home team is top of their group and top overall by the looks of the table below – GO USA!!! Check out the standings as of today:

Be sure to check out their next game on June 26 at 4:30pm when USA plays China!

Former USA player, Mia Hamm, had some great viewpoints on kids, soccer and parents that she gave in a 2012 interview. At SFF Soccer Juniors we strive to build a foundation of soccer skills in a fun environment that will prolong girl’s and boy’s love of soccer. Here are some excerpts from the interview that marry closely with our program philosophy at SFF Soccer Juniors.

What part of coaching you got as a youngster helped you succeed?

At a certain age, that reinforcement is important, but at a young age it’s about development and making sure that the kids really enjoy the environment they’re in so they want to come back and continue to learn and listen.

What advice do you have for parents of aspiring players?

My parents really allowed soccer — and whatever I chose — to be my passion and not theirs. I heard one of my coaches say the best advice he can give to the parents is just be their parent. As a parent myself, I can pay other people to do their job in terms of coaching my kids. I don’t want anyone but me and my husband to be their parents.

What advice do you have for young soccer players?

Have fun and everyday you step out there let’s see how much better I can get. And doing it together is even better.