The USA secured victory against Jamaica in the Gold Cup final. In the dying minutes of the game Jordan Morris smashed an instinctive drive from inside the eighteen yard box past four defenders and the despairing dive of the Jamaican keeper to clench the win in the 88th minute. Morris’ goal atoned for some poor defending where he was at fault for allowing his defensive target get goal side and score. The final result was 2-1 in the USA’s favor.

Jordan Morris is only 22 years old. He did not let his error impact his game in fact he worked harder and with encouragement from more experienced team mates got the USA back on the front foot. Jordan’s example is what we want to see in our young attackers :

Positive mind set
Both parents and coaches should encourage young players to attempt new moves, be ambitious with shots without fear that they will be castigated. We want our kids to practice step overs, drag backs and cruyff turns. If they fail we want them to know they have our encouragement to get it right the next time or the time after. They can make up for mistakes by working hard to win the ball back.

Two feet
Children will lean towards their dominant kicking foot. We believe that by executing skills such as shooting, passing and tricks with both feet the kids can become ambipedal. Kids will listen so insure they execute the same number of drills on the left and right foot even if it is an ad hoc session in the back garden.

Hunger for the ball
We love to see our kids pressurize the opposition by trying to steal the ball and being strong in the tackle.On the attack young players should be calling for the ball and running into open space without the ball to encourage a pass from a team mate.

Let’s hope Jordan Morris can inspire another victory in September when the USA takes on Costa Rica. Go team USA !!!

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