Today was our first class of SFF Soccer Cubs; the sun was shining and at 10am we got to meet the first members of our Bear and Fox Cubs. Everyone got registered, got their SFF Soccer Cubs t-shirts and headed to the field to start the fun!

The classes started with our coaches introducing themselves to our Cubs and rolled into the games. The class flowed brilliantly and the youngest of our Cubs group took to the classes like they’d been here for months. Then half way through the class was marked by a much needed water break due to the fabulous sunshine.

The games continued and we got to see each cub really come out of themselves and enjoy playing with their peers. The class ended with smiles and high-fives all around—Bear and Fox Cubs first class was a hit!!

Our 3 year old Tiger Cubs registered and received their T-shirts and just like our first class our coaches introduced themselves to everyone. Another fantastic turn out for this group meant that the Tiger Cubs classes flowed with minimal parent participation—we have a very independent group of 3 year olds!! We finished off the class with a game of Tag and when the coaches called the class to a close we had a very happy but well tuckered out bunch of Tiger Cubs.

Last but not least our oldest class started with our Lion Cubs. Our 4-5 year old class is non parent participation and we quickly noticed that these kids were very independent and excited about all the games we had laid out. Our games for this group is more soccer based and after a few demonstrations by our coaches proved enough for the Lion cubs to quickly get into the swing of things. A few more games got their momentum going so we finished up with a scrimmage game which allowed our Cubs to show off their soccer skills to the max.

Our first classes went off better than we could have ever anticipated (apart from some t-shirt size mix-
ups) and the coaches, management and our cubs all expressed how much everyone is looking forward to next week’s class.