Summer Season kicked off at SFF Soccer Cubs on Saturday. We had the pleasure of meeting loads of new faces and welcoming backs some of our Spring Season cubs too.

The city fog lifted just in time for coach Zapporah to blow the whistle to announce the start of our Fox & Bear cub’s class at 10:15am. A quick introduction with our new and return cubs lead into some stretching and a fun game of “Sky Scrapers” followed. By the time we started our Hoop games all of our little cubs were well warmed up and had shaken off any shyness – everyone was running and laughing and enjoying playing together.

A quick break after Fox & Bear cubs then greeting our 3 year old Tiger cubs began. Another great bunch of cubs met with Coach John & Coach Zapporah for some introductions and warm up. Our tiger cubs took to our games like duck to water and after a quick run through “Traffic Lights” they were all more than ready to get some soccer balls involved. Some dribbling and running allowed our coaches to see the standard of soccer we have, and going by that we can tell that this is going to be a great season!!

Lastly we had our largest class at SFF Soccer cubs – our 4 & 5 year old Lion cubs. These cubs had no problems taking instructions from coach John and quickly showed coaches and parents that “parent participation” is not required for these independent cubs. A game of “Color Hunt” and a face paced game of “Foxes and Chickens” helped warm everyone up for the scrimmages.

We divided the group into two and Coach Lisa took one group while Coach John took the other. It was fantastic to see these excited cubs making the most of the space and our soccer field.

Group 1’s blue team had a hard time getting to ball in the net but that sis not stop them trying, speedy runs up the side line and persistence paid off with 2 nifty goals. Red team were not giving up that easily and with some strong passes were able to head for open goal and pop one in.

Group 2 had similar dynamics as group 1, the red team took the lead this time and put the first score on the board. Blue team was not taking this lying down and took to the striker job with ease to level the score. Lots of great runs followed and the scores ended tied.

One happy (& tired) bunch of Lion cubs wrapped up the first session of Summer Season at SFF Soccer Cubs.

We are all looking forward to next week!!