Player of the week

Our Player of the week award this week goes to “Joaquin R”. Joaquin always gives his best in every class and this week his ball skills were on full show during the drills and especially during the scrimmage game. Nice job Joaquin, keep up the good work!

Most Improved

Our Most improved player this week is “Kia F”. Kai has always been such a hard worker and shows his love for soccer every class but this week he really came into his own during the scrimmage game. It’s clear we have a serious striker on our hands with his 2 goals for the red team!

Wild Card

“Hyonia K” is our Wild Card award choice this week. We met Hyonia during the first class of Summer Season and she was very shy and even with great encouragement from her dad she was finding it hard to get in the groove….well that has all changed! Hyonia is the first in line for every game, dribbling and kicking the ball with great precision. Hyonia is definitely one to watch!