Player of the week

This week’s SFF Soccer Cubs player of the week goes to “Sabrina Monesi”. Sabrina takes the title this week for her outstanding performance during our first Tiger Cubs Scrimmage game. Sabrina showed some excellent ball control and helped her team by scoring 2 goals and assisting lots of play – Way to go Sabrina!!

Most Improved

Our Most improved award this week goes to “Raiden Stori”. Raiden was shy for some of our previous classes at SFF Soccer cubs but this week was like a whole new ball game for Raiden, he took to the games like a duck to water and often lead the pack. We cannot wait to see this bubbly outgoing Raiden next week!

Wild Card

Wild card of the week is “Miles Richardson”. Our Wild card award is not given for any particular skill or achievement but an overall stand out performance and Miles had this! Miles had his dads support during the Tiger cubs class but was more than happy to show his independence and took instructions from the coaches like a Pro. With Dads encouragement Miles was dribbling with both feet and having a blast while doing it – this is what SFF Soccer Cubs is all about.