Another class of SFF Soccer Cubs took place last Saturday and our Cubs and parents were out in force to enjoy the fabulous San Francisco Sunshine. With the World Cup start just around the corner everyone was really excited to play some soccer.

Our Fox & Bear cubs were out to impress our coaches and parents this week with their skills. A fun game of sky scrapers got everyone warmed up with some kicking and lead nicely into “Color Code” where we got to see our intelligent little cubs show off their color spotting. Traffic Lights finished off the class and everyone was delighted with the addition of the “Purple” – dance traffic light this week .

Next was time for our middle group – Tiger Cubs. Our customary warm up and “Simon Says” got everyone into the mood and lots of fun games such as Obstacle course and Traffic Lights were played. The class ended with a very fun but exhausting game of Foxes and Chickens and our coaches gave stickers to everyone before saying goodbye.

At the close of our Tiger Cubs class we already had almost all of our Lion Cubs ready to go – with lots of sibling pairs between our Lion and Tiger Cubs class Loomis field is always bustling for these two groups with parents/grandparents and friends coming out to cheer on their Cubs! Coach Maria led the class with stretches and got straight into ball work with a game of “Stuck in the Mud”. Ball control was the theme for today’s class! After a few games our cubs were all asking for the scrimmage game to start and this time our coaches kept everyone together to have a BIG game. Another exciting game of soccer was played and parents and kids all enjoyed the chance to get in the soccer mood and ready for Monday’s World Cup kick off.