Player of the week

“Moses L F” gets our Player of the week award this week! Moses has been with us for 2 seasons now and it shows. From the quiet little boy that we met back in March to this outgoing, soccer crazy kid we cannot believe the change. Moses loves to kick the soccer ball up and down the field – showing his older sister Raquel that if she can do it so can he. Keep up the good work Moses!

Most Improved

Our most improved player this week is “Zachary S”. Zachary is always one to respond to the coach’s questions and get involved but this week during the scrimmage game he really showed us that he has skills. He assisted his team members in all aspects from goalie to striker and really helped out when the game got tough! We’re all looking forward to seeing what’s next for this budding soccer star!

Wild Card

Our Wild Card award goes to “Ishaan S”. Another one of our 2 season cubs Ishaan’s experience really shows throughout the class. Ishaan follows instructions to a tee and has all the soccer poses down. During our game of “What time is it Mr. Wolfe”, Ishaan was the leading force with his precision dribbling and kicking showing everyone how it’s done! Keep up the good work and effort Ishaan!!