Player of the week

This week’s award for Player of the week goes to Moses L! This is Moses’ second nomination for one of our weekly picks. Moses has been with us for the last 3 seasons and this can be clearly seen in him. As soon as he arrives he immediately goes for the soccer balls and spends the class playing and kicking the soccer ball with amazing strength. We definitely have a future soccer star on our hands!

Most Improved

Our Most Improved award this week goes to Max C. Another new cub with us this season, Max has really come into himself the last few weeks. Max really proved himself this week during our obstacle course as he showed us his dribbling abilities followed by some fantastic shots on goal. Keep up the good work max!

Wild Card

Our Wild Card award goes to “Finn C”.  Finn is one of our Fox/Bear cubs and from day one we could see his passion for soccer. Finn never goes anywhere on Loomis field without a soccer ball at his feet. Our games at this age are a mixture of with and without the ball but if at  all possible Finn take the opportunity to incorporate the ball. We are looking forward to watching Finn’s soccer skills develop in the near future!