Saturday kicked off our Late Summer Season at SFF Soccer Cubs! Another excited bunch of little cubs joined us for our Fox/Bear, Tiger and Lion Cubs class.

10.15am brought out our Fox & Bear cubs and Coach Dan and Coach Zapporah greated lots of new cubs and welcomed back some familiar faces. A quick introduction lead the class into a variety of fun games to fill up the 40 minute class. Coach Zapporah had the stickers at the read for the end of class and everyone went home smiling (& a little tired)

As we said goodbye to our Fox & Bear cubs for the morning we welcomed our 3 year old Tiger Cubs group and again got to meet lots of new and returning cubs for this season. Today’s class our coaches got to gauge the soccer levels of everyone involved while enjoying some exciting games.

Last but by no means least we got to meet our oldest cubs – our Lion Cubs! Our largest class of the day kicked off at 12.15pm and after some stretches our big group got into some soccer centered games. The games were a huge success but as expected it was the scrimmage at the end that had everyone leaving Loomis Field excited to come back next week & show us more of their soccer skills.

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