Day 2 of SFF Soccer Cubs Summer Season has come and gone and yet again we have been surprised by the excitement and energy of our little cubs.

Fox and Bear cubs was lead off by Coach Dan and our littlest cubs really enjoy our game selection for today. A game of traffic lights got everyone warmed up and followed by some run away hoops and noodle tickles. Parents & kids looked to be having a great time making the most of the sunshine and the space to run and play.

Tiger Cubs class this week had full attendance like Fox & Bear and our 3 year olds took instructions from Coach Maria & coach Zapporah like Pros! A warm up & stretch got everyone ready for “What time is it Mr. Wolfe” which seemed to be a well know game by all involved! Our coaches laid out a fun game of Color Hunt and this gave our Tiger cubs the opportunity to show their kicking skills and ball control. A few more fun games were played and we ended the class with our customary parachute & stickers (of course)!

The 12.15pm Lion Cubs class kicked off and our largest group were dribbling and working hard on their ball control with a fun game of Traffic Lights. Don’t wake the dragon followed and continued the theme of ball control & “No hands” with our oldest Cubs. One more game was played and then coach Dan divided this group into 4 teams – Coach Maria & Zapporah took their teams on one half of the field and Coach Dan and Lisa took the other two – after the team talks the balls were thrown in and the fun began! Each team had some skills to show and it was not long before the score boards were reflecting the strikes and attacks of the Lion Cubs! The cheers from the fans on the sidelines could be heard down the street and our second day at SFF Soccer Cubs finished with a lot of happy little soccer stars (& stickers J) .