2 classes completed in our Fall season and what 2 class they were! We introduced our NEW early morning Lion cubs class at 9.15am and what a success. Mornings in San Francisco are always beautiful and what better way to wake up than with some fun soccer games!!

This season we introduced our newest coach “Jose” to the SFF Soccer Cubs family. Jose is another soccer fanatic to add to our team who has a passion for the sport and is very excited to pass on his skills and expertise to our little cubs.

Our classes this season are following the same basics as every other season but as we continue to have returning cubs we are excited to help develop their soccer skills further with ball control and accuracy being a very important part of our games!

Keep watching our blog for our award weeks with “Player of the week”, “Most Improved” and “Wild Card” selections along with plenty of soccer articles and tidbits for our readers!!