Player of the week

This week’s award for Player of the week goes to Santiago L! Another new comer to SFF Soccer cubs, Santiago has proved his love for soccer from the get go. We had the pleasure of coaching Santiago at BCMS and are so happy that he decided to join our Saturday classes. Santiago really shines during our scrimmage games with his skillful tackles and hard work. Keep up the good work Santiago!!

Most Improved

Our Most Improved award this week goes to Evie F. Evie is one of our youngest cubs attending our 10.15am class and her confidence has come on in leaps and bounds since the first class. Evie is always excited to get out on the field and play some fun games with her friends and always has great support from mom and dad. We are looking forward to lots more fun classes with Evie.

Wild Card

Our Wild Card award goes to “Mateo G”.  Mateo is another return Cub that we have gotten to know really well over the last 2 season. Another Crayon box Alumni he has worked with all of our coaches quite a bit and everyone agrees that he is an absolute pleasure to coach! Mateo is always excited to play with the other cubs and his knowledge and understanding of the games really shows in his ability to take part and show great examples for the other cubs! We cannot wait to watch Mateo’s soccer skills grow as the weeks go on!