Another Season at SFF Soccer cubs is in full swing after a quick break for the Labor Day Holiday. After just 3 classes we have gotten to know our new cubs very well. Here are some of our awards this week:

Player of the week

“Raqel E” gets our Player of the week award this week! Raquel is one of our returning Cubs and her skills have improved immensely. Since starting with SFF Soccer Cubs Raquel has shown what a bubbly, outgoing and friendly girl she is any her soccer skills put her in the top of her class. Her skills at soccer are portrayed during our scrimmage games where she shows that she is a future striker and loves the rush of scoring goals! Keep up the good work Raquel!

Most Improved

Our most improved player this week is “Molly E”. Molly is another return cub from Season 1 and has moved up from Bear to Tiger cubs for this season. Molly took the first class to find her feet with the older group but now she is a serious leader for all the Tiger Cubs. Molly really shines during the scrimmage games with her determination and kicking abilities; Molly is always up to take on the defense and head for goal! We cannot wait to see what’s next for Molly in Tiger Cubs class.

Wild Card

Our Wild Card award goes to “Konrad H”.  A new member to SFF Soccer Cubs who met us at the Sunday Streets event, Konrad very much deserves this award. Our youngest class is all parent participation and with some gentle encouragement from his dad Konrad was running and playing with all the other little cubs. Even when class ended Konrad’s energy and obvious love for soccer and kicking kept him going on the sideline as our second class took place. We love your energy Konrad – we are looking forward to playing with you next class!