Player of the week

This week’s award for Player of the week goes to Sohan D! This is the second time we have nominated Sohan for one of our weekly picks. He is always a delight to have in the class and takes great pride in make sure to practice his kicking where possible. Keep up the good work Sohan!!

Most Improved

Our Most Improved award this week goes to Damariea G. Another new cub with us, Damariea has really come out of his shell since the first few classes. This week we saw a dedicated soccer player especially during our scrimmage game. Good Job Damariea.

Wild Card

Our Wild Card award goes to “Giana R”.  Giana is another of our cubs that came over from BCMS. Giana is a polite and quiet little cubs but this week we saw her talent show as she really progressed in our games. We especially saw her abilities on show when she scored a cracking goal during our Lion Cubs scrimmage game. We cannot wait to watch Giana gain more confidence and skills!