Player of The Week:

Niklas – 10.15am

Fox Cubs This week our player of the week goes to one of our younger cubs – Niklas. Niklas has been with us for a number of seasons now and his skills on the ball are top of his class. Even the games where balls are optional Niklas never takes part without a ball at his feet – constantly improving his dribbling and shooting skills.


Callan – 11.15am Tigers

During our drizzly 11.15am Tiger cubs class our numbers were low but the cubs that made it out were on the top of their game. We specifically have to mention Callan, always happy to be at class Callan this week showed off his skills in style. Dribbling, toe taps, step overs were just some of the skills that Callan did to perfection this week! Keep up the good work!

Most Improved Player:

Jonas – 9.15am Lion Cubs

Jonas has really started to shine in our Mission bay Lion cubs class. This week he took on a leadership role in our scrimmage game yet followed instructions really well and utilized his team mates. He has developed excellent close control.