IMG_4767Today we had our final Demo class and the turnout of family and friends was amazing! Everyone had their SFF Soccer Cubs tees and were ready for another fun filled, energetic class!

We started off the class with our usual stretching and everyone loosened up and looked set to get started. Hoop chasing was the launch game today and both parents and kids were running around like crazy. We finished the game with some hoop goals, showing our coaches what a talented bunch of kids we have!

The fun continued with some “egg” (ball) stealing and everyone got to show off their shooting skills. Another 2 ball and cone drills got cubs and parents running and smiling and we finished up the last Pilot with an obstacle course that included fitness ladders, cones, tunnels and of course finished with scoring goals and high fives of course!!

To finish our trial period with a BANG and thank everyone who took part for all their effort and the fun they brought with them we had a Bounce House to really tucker everyone out.

Final good byes for the morning were done and everyone expressed that they cannot wait until March 8th Season Launch!!!! Only 2 more weeks!