Today we had our very first SFF Soccer Cubs demo class and are so happy with how it went! We invited our family and friends to bring their kids between 2 and 5 years of age to join us and help us iron out any kinks before the official launch in March.

The 10-person class kicked off with introductions where each child and parent got to meet Coach Dan, Coach Saoirse and Coach Maria. We immediately got everyone moving since this is an exercise class after all! Stretching is essential and Coach Dan led everyone in a variety of basic movements to loosen everyone up from “reaching for the stars” to “tumbling arms to the toes and knees.”

Our coaches then brought the kids over to where the first game was set up – seeing the kids faces light up when they saw our array of equipment was priceless. The games started to flow and everyone (kids, parents and coaches) really got into the swing of things! We went through 5 games within the 40 minute class and ended with cheers all round. We are so happy with how much everyone enjoyed the class and are delighted with how our coaches were able to keep everyone’s attention from the very beginning!

The end of the class came too soon but everyone assured us that they wouldn’t miss the next class for anything.