Our Coaches come from a strong soccer background, love to have fun and are highly motivated to make sure your little one has the most fun possible. No child will feel left out as all of our classes have at least two coaches. All games and activities are carefully thought out and introduced to each appropriate class level.

I moved to San Francisco in 2009 and was fortunate enough to get my first job managing adult soccer leagues on Pier 27 – DREAM JOB. After the announcement of the America's Cup pier transformation and the closure of the Pier 27 field, I could not think of doing anything else. I spoke to some friends, did a lot of research and after almost 18 months SFF Soccer was created at our home field at 261 Loomis Street.
Our men’s and co-ed leagues were the foundation of the field but after some interest from family and friends about kids soccer we decided to expand and that’s where SFF Soccer Cubs came from.
As an Irish native, soccer was everything growing up! I was a die-hard Liverpool fan from a young age and could name almost every soccer player in any of the major teams. My love of soccer combined with my experience assistant coaching underage teams in Irish (Gaelic) football gives me a big advantage running SFF Soccer Cubs. I learned the coaching methods of my peers and gained the necessary knowledge and experience that I use day in and out while coaching the kids.
I’ve been in love with soccer since I can remember. All through my schools years I have played soccer recreationally and was voted co-captain at Grambling State Varsity Soccer 2004-2005 and I continued to play in Women’s and Co-ed outdoor soccer leagues. I was lucky enough to get work experience in a Montessori in Oklahoma. It is from here that I learned how important it is to coach children to be active and encourage them to have hobbies like soccer that not only help them physically but also works on valuable social interactions.
I moved to San Francisco in 2013 to complete my PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and when I saw that SFF Soccer Cubs were looking for coaches I could not pass up the opportunity to pass on my love and knowledge of soccer with kids so young.
As an Irish girl, soccer was a huge part of my childhood and early life. Irish (Gaelic) football is my home sport and I continue to play it to this day but when I wasn’t playing it soccer was my go to sport.
I moved to San Francisco in 2009 after finishing my Bachelors in Human Nutrition. After moving here I worked part time as a childcare provider and really got into the San Francisco family mentality of healthy living. When my fiancé John developed the soccer field at Loomis Street with two friends we discussed starting a kids soccer program. I was so excited to dive into such a fantastic opportunity. Seeing all our little cubs on Saturday mornings and coaching at some of our pre-schools is the perfect way to pass on my love for the sport.
I started playing soccer as soon as I could walk, and haven’t stopped since. Soccer has been a huge part of my life and hopefully will continue to be as I progress in life. I’ve played for both club teams and the schools I’ve attended. I’m currently playing for the Seals club team and when school starts up again I’ll be playing Varsity for Lowell High School. I’m training constantly, hoping that soccer will be able to help me get into the best college possible. I was approached by John while playing soccer at his field and he offered me a job as a coach. I couldn’t think of a better job out there. For me, it’s not even a job, I get to go out and spread the love of soccer to our Cubs every Saturday. I hope I can continue to spread my love and knowledge of the game to the kids.
Ever since I started playing in Kindergarten, soccer has had a huge effect on my life. After being on a recreational team early on, I joined my middle school soccer team as soon as I was eligible. As I got older, I continued playing for over 3 years in high school on my varsity soccer team. I currently play with the San Francisco Seals club and it is here that I realized how essential it is to have the right coaching to become a well-rounded soccer player and that is why I was excited to start working with the kids at SFF soccer. I love having the opportunity to pass on the skills I have learned to young kids and really enjoy watching them improve at the sport every week.