SFF Micro Soccer League Rules

  1. Teams are coed
  2. 6 players on a team; 4 players from each team on the field at any one time
  3. No winners or losers – everyone plays to learn and have fun
  4. All games are held at Loomis Field (261 Loomis Street, SF, CA 94124)
  5. No drop-offs – parents/guardians must stay for the games/practices
  6. Equipment needed: soccer cleats or sneakers, shin-guards, shorts & socks (any color)
    • Grizzlies: we will provide shirts to individual players
    • Outside teams: please provide your own jerseys
  7. Throw-ins will be replaced with kick-ins
    • Anytime a ball goes out on the sideline the restart will be an indirect kick (has to touch two players before a goal can be scored)
    • The opponents must stand 3 adult steps away from where the ball is placed on the sideline
    • This will help players develop their strike of the ball and to help increase passing ability
  8. Goal kicks will still be taken by the defensive team whenever the offensive team kicks the ball out of bounds on the end line
    • The opposing team will have to drop into their own half behind the midfield line; they can cross midfield once the ball has been kicked
    • This allows for a better understanding of possession based soccer

U7 Teams

  1. Players must be 5 years old by the first day of the season
  2. Players can’t be 7 years before the first day of the season – if they turn seven after the first day then it’s OK
  3. Grizzlies players will be assessed and placed on teams based on skill level by SFF Soccer Juniors Coaches