After an unfortunate rain out that caused us to push out or first class of the Late Winter/Spring season we were delighted that Mr. Sun was out in force for us last Saturday!
This season like last consisted of 4 classes at SFF Soccer Cubs. We kicked off the morning with our 9.15am Lion Cubs. Another full class this season resulted in a lot of familiar faces back for some fun and also some new members joining our pack! Coach Zapporah and Coach Jose lead the group with some necessary stretches followed by lots of fun soccer based games like Traffic Lights. The always anticipated Scrimmage game closed out the class and left everyone ready for next week!
We said good bye to our early morning Lion cubs and quickly greeted our youngest cubs – our Fox/Bear cubs. Again our coaches took time to let everyone introduce themselves and get warmed up for the class. As with every season our Fox/Bear cub’s class requires parent participation so we had a big bunch in the stretching circle! Our coaches led the cubs through all the fun developmental games and took the time to make sure everyone was having fun! We really like to get our parents involved in the games and with the introduction of Noodles for a fun game of Noodle tickle our little cubs were chasing their parents around the field at high speed! Nap time will be needed after this active class!!
11.15am came before we knew it and we got to meet another bunch of excited soccer cubs for out Tiger cubs class. Introductions and stretches quickly followed by Traffic lights got everyone right into the thick of it! An obstacle course and a few other fun activities had our new and returning cubs play and laughing together. We finished off the class with a game of Foxes and chickens and had lots of worn out little cubs (& coaches) at 12pm.

Our last Cubs class of the day is our second Lion Cubs group. Coach Zapporah and Coach Jose had lots of experienced cubs in this group as we had plenty of returning cubs back to improve their soccer skills. Like our 9.15am class we followed our stretches with fun games based around soccer including a bright and enticing game of Color Hunt. A scrimmage game at the end was a huge success today with plenty of very obvious talent on show, and to our delight lots of really good team work going on. Sticker handout marked the end of the class.

We cannot wait until next week for more Cubs fun AND to meet our SFF Soccer Grizzlies team for their first training session!!!