Today was the last day of our very first season at SFF Soccer Cubs! We have had a fantastic 9 weeks with all our season 1 cubs. We want to thank everyone who took part in SFF Soccer Cubs from the cubs themselves, to the coaches and parents too. We are delighted to have had such a hugely successful inaugural season!


Like each of our classes our youngest cubs were out in force to close out the season. Fox and Bear cubs kicked off the class with a really exciting obstacle course followed by some fun with hoops. After a quick water break, a game of “Don’t wake the Dragon” had everyone tip toeing around stealing “Dragon Eggs” J The class finished off with some bubbles and our coaches presented each and every cub with a SFF Soccer Cubs Completion Certification!

Our Tiger Cubs followed at 11.15am and Coach Maria had everyone stretching to warm up followed by a fun game of “Traffic Lights”. Today Coach Dan had some fun designing our obstacle course and we got to see the true talent of these cubs as they navigated the course while dribbling the ball……..these cubs really have improved their soccer skills over the last 8 weeks!



Again the class ended with some bubbles and like our youngest cubs, Tiger cubs were given their very own SFF Soccer Cubs Completion Certification.

Last but NEVER least we had out Lion Cubs class. A good stretch quickly lead into a game of “What time is it Mr. Wolfe” and our oldest class took pleasure in showing off their ball control skills here. Another fun obstacle course got our Lions warmed up for an always popular game of “Foxes & Chickens”, a water break was welcomed after all the running and excitement.


Lastly our coaches divided up our cubs and kicked off another fantastic Scrimmage game – some really good passes lead to the game finishing with a 3-2 win by our red bibs……we cannot believe how far these cubs have come in their soccer skills and confidence. Class close out with our Oldest cubs getting their Completion Certificate for Season 1.

We finished off our last class of Season One with smiles and very happy (& tired) cubs – we CANNOT wait until May 31st for Season 2 to kick off and see some new faces along with our veteran cubs.

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