Below is the schedule for the Spring 2015 micro soccer season. Games consist of two 20-minute halves and a 5-minute break. You can also visit the SFF Grizzlies page on the SF Micro Soccer site to see the schedule and player roster.

Please familiarize yourself with the field rules and adult rules of conduct at the bottom of the page.

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Field Rules

1. No Dogs Allowed. Any team with a dog will be suspended if dog not immediately removed.
2. Children are not allowed to hang from goals. The goals are temporary and they WILL fall over.
Protect the child and protect the league – if you see a child hanging from a goal, stop them immediately!!
3. Children are not allowed to put any of their limbs through the nets (especially their heads!!!!).
4. Take all garbage with you. Rec and Park will be assessing “environmental fees” to leagues that do
not pick up and remove their own garbage.
5. Spectators/coolers/strollers are to stay at least three feet back of the touch lines (side lines).
6. Do not play competing sports (like baseball) right next to the field or anywhere near it!
7. Don’t drop off your children in the parking lot and have them run to their team. Escort them.
8. At Marina, don’t allow players to warm up with ball next to parking lot (inevitably they lose the ball and chase it into a very dangerous area!
9. Keep siblings off the field and don’t allow them to play baseball, football, frisbee next to the field of play. Siblings have been known to run on to the field and collide with players.

Adult Rules of Conduct

1. No alcohol. Any coach or parent who has an open container of jobitel com alcohol will be expelled from the
2. Inappropriate Behavior: Abusive, profane language or threatening behavior directed at another
coach, parent, player, ref, or Micro Soccer staff, will result in immediate expulsion from the league.
We share all disciplinary actions with other leagues. Other leagues have been known to honor
our suspensions and expulsions.
3. Parents are not allowed on the field EXCEPT to assist an injured player. The only adult on the field
is a single referee.
4. Coaches/parents will respect the referee and model appropriate behavior by not questioning the
ref’s calls. If you feel compelled to talk to the ref, wait until half xjobs org time. And then talk to him/her privately.
5. No parents or coaches behind the goal “coaching the goalie” or taking pictures. This is
extraordinarily distracting to the player. If a player doesn’t know what to do, they will by the end of the game. This is an INSTRUCTIONAL league. The players WILL figure it out.
6. No Side Line Coaching. Let them play. “Get back!” “Shoot it!” “Pass!” “Run!” These comments are
distracting and should only come from coach.
7. Positive Comments for ALL Players! “Nice run!” “Good shot!” “Great defense!”