Today SFF Soccer Cubs had their very first birthday party at Loomis Field. Daithi turned 3 years old and was so excited to enjoy some sun, fun and soccer at Loomis Field. The guests trickled in and our coaches greeted everyone and took the kids to kick some goals while the grownups set up the party. A bounce house was on site and with the cautious monitoring of SFF Soccer Cubs coaches the kids jumped to their hearts content.



At 1pm we gathered all the kids together to start our Cubs Party Games. Starting with an obstacle course we got to meet the dare devils of the group. We continued the fun with some “What Time is it Mr. Wolf” and Coach John’s speed was not enough to catch our speedy kids as they ran to the safety of the Bear Den (goals). The hour was gone before we knew it and it was time for everyone to have some pizza and delicious Spider Man cake.



Unfortunately, the party ended all too soon for everyone involved. But judging by the cheers and comments we received, we probably gained more Cubs for our upcoming season launch on March 8th.