It’s never too early to get in the game!

SFF Soccer Cubs is a fun-filled, find-bride scam San Francisco kids soccer program for children ages 18 months to 5 years. Our program is built to get your little ones out on the field f find-bride scam or some quality playtime. Using a variety of activities, we help kids build confidence, improve coordination skills and learn soccer basics in a fun and safe environment.

We develop each player’s skills with a strong foundation of soccer fundamentals and teach everyone to play as a team. Our coaches are here to build our young athletes’ confidence and to cultivate their everlasting love for the game of soccer. The classes are divided into three different age groups which allow our coaches to create and run games suited to each age and skill level.

Class Descriptions

1. Fox Cubs (18 – 36 months)

An exciting introduction to the game for our youngest players! This parent-participation class engages toddlers with soccer activities and fun games to improve their balance and coordination skills. It’s a fantastic way to spend time together, while developing early movement skills and making lots of new friends. They will get a jumpstart on soccer basics and learn to become comfortable with the ball at their feet.

2. Tiger Cubs (3 year olds)

Built for older toddlers, this program teaches the exciting fundamentals of soccer such as kicking and running with the ball. Each class features group participation activities as we spend time focusing on positive interactions in a playful environment. Your child will see improved coordination skills and gain a greater appreciation of team play.

3. Lion Cubs (4 & 5 year olds)

Lions Cubs get more advanced soccer training including skills such as passing and dribbling. With friendly scrimmages to teach the importance of teamwork and dedication, kids will gain a better understanding of the game while having the time of their lives!

What to wear

  • Appropriate athletic shoes – running shoes or soccer cleats are fine.
  • All kids will be given a free SFF Soccer Cubs t-shirt on the first day of the season. We will have a variety of sizes for them to choose from.
  • Optional SFF Soccer Cubs Gear Packages, which include socks and shorts, are available for $20 and can be picked up on the first day of the season.

 Nine week season

• At least 2 coaches for the entire season

• Nine 45 minute classes

• Training equipment – balls, bibs, cones, etc.

• SFF Soccer Cubs team t-shirt on the first day of class

• Sibling and Refer-a-Friend discounts