FIFA Women’s World Cup – 2015

FIFA Women’s World Cup – 2015

USWNT PhotoFIFA Women’s World Cup – 2015

This week hosts the first game in the 2015 FIFA women’s soccer world cup. The games are being held in our neighboring country Canada and I for one am very excited to watch the tournament. USA has an amazing women’s soccer team and I’m looking forward to seeing our starts fight for the title over the next few weeks.

The first game for USA is June 8th at 6.30pm (PST) and can be watched on Fox Soccer. For the full list of games visit:

This tournament will be a great chance for your little Cubs and/or Grizzlies to check out soccer on a professional level and see how talented the USA ladies team really is!!

I can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on the first week of games at our class on June 13th!!


How soccer benefits kids

We are over half way through our U7 Grizzlies season and with only 2 more games left we wanted to dig deep into the benefits of soccer for our little Grizzlies. Aside from the faces of pure satisfaction we see on each kids face during and after the games there are a number of health and social benefits as noted by an article on

The main points of the article state:

Soccer builds healthy kids
From a physical standpoint, soccer offers one of the best ways for a child to get in physical shape through participation in a youth sport. The average soccer player runs approximately seven miles throughout the course of the game; the mix of sprinting with endurance running develops long and short muscle fibers and also aerobic as well as anaerobic capabilities. Playing soccer improves flexibility, cardiovascular capability, body composition (lowering the percentage of body fat while increasing muscle mass) and does not jar the body in the way that basketball or baseball can do.

Soccer grows self confidence
In addition to these physical benefits, your soccer player should experience a heightened sense of self-confidence and increased social skills. Playing on a team with other peers forces you to interact in ways you wouldn’t learn at school.

Helps in the Classroom
Even though, as a parent, you may be worried about your child finding time for schoolwork when he or she is also juggling going to soccer practice or games, studies have shown that children who play competitive sports generally also perform at an above-average level in school.

Soccer builds balance in life
As an adult, your child will have to balance work, family, health, and personal time in a very busy schedule. So it is always a good idea for your child to start early. Assist them in setting up and following a schedule, and they will begin to learn how to prioritize all of the necessary tasks and obligations that make up our daily lives.


Our Grizzlies are fired up for their first game

Here’s a quick recap of our last training from last week.

Last Saturday was our final Spring Pre-Season training session for SFF Grizzlies. Our players and coaches were 100% focused on mastering the drills to get them ready for our first game. Training started at 12.45pm sharp with Coach John leading a fun “Bib rob” warm up. Next our Grizzlies took on some dribbling & passing drills that really help improve ball control and also timing. A few passing and kicking drills followed and training closed out with two 4v4 scrimmage games.

This week we also took the opportunity to get a team photo with everyone in their new SFF grizzlies jerseys. Everyone left the Loomis Field excited about our first game.

SFF GRIZZLIES GAME: Saturday March 21st at 4pm @ Marina Green 11 & 12 – please arrive 5-10 minutes early.

Good luck Grizzlies!!!

Grizzlies Training in full swing

Last Saturday was our second training of our new Under 7 micro soccer team – SFF Soccer Grizzlies. Our trainings start at 12.45pm, immediately after our last Cubs class. The first 2 weeks of trainings have been an amazing surprise for us at SFF Soccer Juniors, we are so happy with the talent and commitment our U7 team has shown already.

Our trainings start with a quick introduction for everyone to get to know each other’s names and quickly run into a fun warm up. Our coaches have developed a variety of fun soccer drills that aim at improving ball control and agility. Trainings start with some passing drills to help our players get a feel for ball “touch” and also increase their accuracy. Next we take on some dribbling practice to work on ball control. Finally we finish with a scrimmage game which is lots of fun but also an essential way for our players to get to know the specific rules of the league we will take part in – Coach John acts as referee and ensures that each player follows the game rules and ensures everyone gets time on the ball.

Here’s the Spring 2015 Schedule:

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Late Winter/Spring Season Off to a great start!

After an unfortunate rain out that caused us to push out or first class of the Late Winter/Spring season we were delighted that Mr. Sun was out in force for us last Saturday!
This season like last consisted of 4 classes at SFF Soccer Cubs. We kicked off the morning with our 9.15am Lion Cubs. Another full class this season resulted in a lot of familiar faces back for some fun and also some new members joining our pack! Coach Zapporah and Coach Jose lead the group with some necessary stretches followed by lots of fun soccer based games like Traffic Lights. The always anticipated Scrimmage game closed out the class and left everyone ready for next week!
We said good bye to our early morning Lion cubs and quickly greeted our youngest cubs – our Fox/Bear cubs. Again our coaches took time to let everyone introduce themselves and get warmed up for the class. As with every season our Fox/Bear cub’s class requires parent participation so we had a big bunch in the stretching circle! Our coaches led the cubs through all the fun developmental games and took the time to make sure everyone was having fun! We really like to get our parents involved in the games and with the introduction of Noodles for a fun game of Noodle tickle our little cubs were chasing their parents around the field at high speed! Nap time will be needed after this active class!!
11.15am came before we knew it and we got to meet another bunch of excited soccer cubs for out Tiger cubs class. Introductions and stretches quickly followed by Traffic lights got everyone right into the thick of it! An obstacle course and a few other fun activities had our new and returning cubs play and laughing together. We finished off the class with a game of Foxes and chickens and had lots of worn out little cubs (& coaches) at 12pm.

Our last Cubs class of the day is our second Lion Cubs group. Coach Zapporah and Coach Jose had lots of experienced cubs in this group as we had plenty of returning cubs back to improve their soccer skills. Like our 9.15am class we followed our stretches with fun games based around soccer including a bright and enticing game of Color Hunt. A scrimmage game at the end was a huge success today with plenty of very obvious talent on show, and to our delight lots of really good team work going on. Sticker handout marked the end of the class.

We cannot wait until next week for more Cubs fun AND to meet our SFF Soccer Grizzlies team for their first training session!!!

All Cubs classes cancelled Feb. 7

Unfortunately, we have to cancel all Cubs classes tomorrow due to the rain. Our new season will now kick off on Feb 14 and we will add another make-up class to the end of the season.

Stay dry and have a wonderful weekend!

Kids & Exercise

Check out this great article about the benefits of exercise for Kids! We at SFF Soccer Juniors definitely believe in the benefits of exercise for kids and base our classes around fun yet beneficial soccer based activities.

Kids & Exercise article


SFF Soccer Cubs – Fall Season Kicks Off

SFF Soccer Cubs – Fall Season Kicks Off

2 classes completed in our Fall season and what 2 class they were! We introduced our NEW early morning Lion cubs class at 9.15am and what a success. Mornings in San Francisco are always beautiful and what better way to wake up than with some fun soccer games!!

This season we introduced our newest coach “Jose” to the SFF Soccer Cubs family. Jose is another soccer fanatic to add to our team who has a passion for the sport and is very excited to pass on his skills and expertise to our little cubs.

Our classes this season are following the same basics as every other season but as we continue to have returning cubs we are excited to help develop their soccer skills further with ball control and accuracy being a very important part of our games!

Keep watching our blog for our award weeks with “Player of the week”, “Most Improved” and “Wild Card” selections along with plenty of soccer articles and tidbits for our readers!!


Due to high demand our 12.15pm Lion cubs (4&5 year olds) class has filled up in record time and we have decided to open another time slot starting at 9.15am on Saturday Mornings. Like our 12.15pm class we will have at least 2 coaches to run the class and it will consist of the same games and drills as our other Lion cubs class.
Any questions please email us at

SFF Soccer Cubs – Only One week Left in our Late Summer Season

SFF Soccer Cubs – Only One week Left in our Late Summer Season

Player of the week

This week’s award for Player of the week goes to Moses L! This is Moses’ second nomination for one of our weekly picks. Moses has been with us for the last 3 seasons and this can be clearly seen in him. As soon as he arrives he immediately goes for the soccer balls and spends the class playing and kicking the soccer ball with amazing strength. We definitely have a future soccer star on our hands!

Most Improved

Our Most Improved award this week goes to Max C. Another new cub with us this season, Max has really come into himself the last few weeks. Max really proved himself this week during our obstacle course as he showed us his dribbling abilities followed by some fantastic shots on goal. Keep up the good work max!

Wild Card

Our Wild Card award goes to “Finn C”.  Finn is one of our Fox/Bear cubs and from day one we could see his passion for soccer. Finn never goes anywhere on Loomis field without a soccer ball at his feet. Our games at this age are a mixture of with and without the ball but if at  all possible Finn take the opportunity to incorporate the ball. We are looking forward to watching Finn’s soccer skills develop in the near future!