SFF Soccer Cubs 3 week mark has been hit and what fun we’ve had so far.

March 15th – Class took place on another fantastic sunny San Francisco day and after the running and playing during our first class we were prepared for the heat with plenty of water and added water breaks for our active cubs. The St. Patrick’s weekend class started off with some super excited Fox and Bear cubs practicing what they learned from week one. Our coaches were more than surprised to see how quickly our little cubs took to the games this week and with some well-earned water breaks the momentum of the class increased as the 40 minutes ran.

Tiger cubs were next to start at Loomis Field and after some fun stretches our coaches took our little Tiger Cubs straight into some ball work to get warmed up. The games flowed and as with our Fox & Bear Cubs we made sure to keep hydrated with lots of water breaks.

Lion Cubs – St. Patrick’s Parade resulted in a few of our Lion Cubs missing, but the cubs that came were more than happy to run, play and kick some soccer balls with all their mite. Lots of games were played and because these are our older Cubs we enjoyed bringing in the use of soccer balls and soccer drills into most of the games. A Game of Foxes and Chickens had everyone running full tilt and to parents delight ended with some well-worn out Lion cubs…Zzzzzzz

March 22nd – Week three of Spring Season of SFF Soccer Cubs went off with a bang! Again a fantastic day at Loomis Field and Cubs and parents turned up to enjoy the sunshine and play some soccer games Coach Maria took the reign’s and was delighted to see the progress from last weeks continue to build. All three classes of Cubs are coming on in leaps and bounds not only with their soccer and coordination skills but their interactions with each other show that they are making wonderful friendships at SFF Soccer Cubs. Another day filled with fun, laughter and soccer is over and we cannot wait to see everyone next weekend!!